Clean up your snac-t

Source: PaleoGrubs
Source: PaleoGrubs

It’s all too easy to reach for the biscuits when hunger hits at work, but since sugar has pretty much been proven to be the frenemy of the food world (seems really sweet but is secretly screwing you over), it’s time to change it up for some healthy alternatives.

Healthy office snacks might sound about as fun as anything else office-based, but it’s actually surprisingly easy to eat clean (ish) without having to force down celery sticks. Here are some simple ideas to clean up your snacks.

Berry good breakfast

kenwood mixer

When you’re half awake on a Monday morning, it’s all to easy to stuff down a couple of slices of toast as a quick breakfast boost. Unfortunately, toast is only slightly more nutritious than a piece of cardboard, and really isn’t going to set you up for the day.

For a healthy energy boost, grab a super cheap Kenwood blender and make your own smoothies. It might sound like a huge load of hassle, but the smart thing about this blender is that the jug actually transforms into a smoothie bottle that you can take on the tube to work. Only one thing to clean at the end of the day, and no messy pouring to be dealing with. What’s not to love? And it’s quicker to chuck a couple of strawberries, a banana and some yoghurt into the blender than it is to toast a few slices of bread, so no excuses! For an energy boost to last all day, pour some oats into the mix.

Make the delicious-looking smoothie featured at the top of the page with this recipe. 

Funk up your fruit

peanut butter

If smoothies aren’t your thing, or you can’t face the thought of chopping the heads off all those poor innocent strawberries, it doesn’t mean you can’t get your five a day.

Buy a tub of peanut butter (preferably the organic healthy stuff – Pip & Nut‘s completely natural peanut butter looks set to be all the rage this year) and slather it over your banana or apple for a tastier way to get some of the good stuff into your diet.

Peanut butter is also high in energy-giving healthy fats, and luckily if you run out of fruit it tastes equally good on a spoon.

Going nuts

If that all sounds a bit messy for you, grab a bag of cashew nuts instead. They are a great way to get an energy boost without giving in to the sweet stuff. The natural fatty acids and proteins keep you feeling full for longer and cashew nuts are one of the lowest-calorie nuts out there (as long as you don’t eat the honey roasted kind of course).

A handful of these at elevenses will stop you scoffing a few hob nobs before lunch.

Guilt-free chocolate 

Source: Deliciously Ella
Source: Deliciously Ella

If your sweet tooth can’t be satisfied with smoothies alone, succumb to the all-natural goodness of Deliciously Ella’s raw coconut and cacao bites.
Much loved by raw foodies, the bites are completely raw and vegan so need no justification! They take a little longer to make than the rest of the snacks in this post, but they’re well worth it in the taste stakes.

The recipe can be found here.


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