Commuter Club: This American Life

this american life podcast

Welcome to the new section of the blog, a series on the best entertainment to brighten up the worst part of the working day: the commute.

Today, I bring you This American Life. Serial podcast fans might have picked up on this brilliant podcast series, as TAL is its ‘parent podcast’.

For the uninitiated, This American Life is a public radio show from Chicago which, each week, looks in-depth at a different aspect of American life.

From killer turkeys to wrongful imprisonment, by way of a blind man who taught himself to ‘see’ again, it really has it all.

What sets it apart is its ability to both inform and entertain – a surprisingly rare skill in podcast world. You find yourself genuinely interested in learning about how the legal system works, and yet it doesn’t feel like hard work to keep up with.

Alongside the more informative stories, it also covers really interesting human interest stories, like the parents who created the most elaborate Santa Claus experiences possible for their children – and how it backfired later in life.

If you want to spend your commute completely immersed in another world, and picking up some interesting facts at the same time, this podcast is for you.

What’s your favourite podcast?


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