Make it to payday – February 2015

 You won’t believe the bargains to be had 

Know someone who needs a bit of a boost? Make their day without breaking your bank with this adorable card from Topshop. A handwritten note always means so much more than a quick text, and one with a cute cartoon on will always be a winner. 
These Moleskine notebooks will allow you to unleash your inner creative genius on the cheap. Moleskines were famously used by Picasso among other greats, and if it’s good enough for them it’s certainly good for your shopping lists. I mean, award-winning novel ideas. Go for chic white to record your notes in style.
A too-sweet-to-be-true phone case, and it’s only two of your finest English pounds. Does this treat really need any further explanation?!
There’s no sense in spending all your hard-earned cash on a decent foundation if you’re just going to rub it on with your fingers. This sponge is perfect for getting that elusive airbrushed look with a minimal amount of product, and the pointed end is particularly good for getting concealer right into the corners of your eyes for a wide-awake look, even if you’re snoozing on the inside.
A good pair of pants needs no justification, and ones this budget-friendly need no excuses. No one ever regrets buying lovely underwear, so add this to your collection for an instant mood-lift.

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